i can provide guidance in matters of love, relationships,careers,balance chakras,and energy healing.

About Me

I have been honing my psychic intuition since childhood. I can provide you with guidance in matters of love, relationships, and careers. I am also a Reiki Master and teacher and can perform chakra balancing and distant healing sessions. I have received the rites of Munay Ki, which has greatly impacted my spiritual abilities. I work with tarot, crystals, pendulums, pictures, or sometimes with no tools.

My Expertise

  • Spell Work

  • Breaking Up & Divorce

  • Cheating & Affairs

  • Marital Life

  • Parents & Children

  • Single & Dating

  • Soulmate Connections

  • Pendulum

  • Ghosts

  • Hauntings

  • Picture Readings

  • Email Reading

  • Reiki

  • Chakra Healing

  • Counselor